The Sunnyside Club and his first interview!

This is what they said about us:

“A new afternoon club in London for children with ASD and related disorders”.

We all know that this is not an easy period. With the COVID-19 going around the world, lots of people are struggling with their life. As you already know, being a self-employed it will be difficult too, especially when you also run a club.

But both I and Serena decided few weeks ago to put on hold our Sunnyside Club. We both felt we needed to be responsible for our kids and their families, that’s why we took this decision.

In the meantime, we had a lovely meeting with Vera Canhoto, the Founder and Ceo at Splinx. Splinx is a free service changing the way disabled people and their families connect with a variety of professionals.

Vera gave us the opportunity to describe what are we doing, what’s the aim of our club and how can you reach us. To read the full interview, just click on the following link:

It’s not simple, we already miss our little kids and our Fridays afternoon, but we hope that everything will pass soon and that we will all be able to play together again!

In the mean time, we will plan our future activities and we will be always available for any support!

Keep safe and keep bright ☀️

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  1. You have done well in the interest of the children and of yourselves, considering the superficiality of the truly opinionated and superficial English rulers. Maybe in a few days they will realize what Covid-19 is.
    Good luck for the future and strength with new ideas and projects.


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