A new interview for me!

The importance of the words in our world

Beautiful things can happen also during the lock-down. We all know that this is a very stressful period, and it’s not easy to be alone, far from you country, your family and you friends. But I never give up, especially when I have friends that know how to feel the gap of the distance.

So, one morning, Francesca called me and she offered me an interview all about my self, my job, my Instagram project “Psicoleggimi” and my future plans. How can you say no to something like this?

To read the full interview, you can click here.

I know that the interview is in italian, but I can translate some bits here for you!

Translation Italian-->English; English-->Italian | Zeerk

No, she didn’t ask me about my favorite food and place, but I will give you a bonus and I will tell you that later!

She asked me if psychology was my first choice at uni and if it was my dream. Well, actually, I started my university doing something related to journalism but then I decided to leave it and follow my passion, that’s why I started psychology and then I took my master degree in neuroscience.

Working with kids with autism and special needs in general wasn’t, again, my first choice but it’s something that, during my studies and exams, I discovered and I tried to explore more, and here we go.

Me and one of my kid

What else Francesca asked me? She asked me about my project “Psicoleggimi”, my two friends and colleagues who worked with me on this, and I was more than happy to explain her what it is.

“Psicoleggimi” is our IG and Fb page where we put together our job as psychologist and therapist and our first love and passion: the books. We talk about different types of books, for kida, for adults, illustration and so on and we do this starting always from a psychological point of view. I am glad we are 3, because sometimes it’s a real job, but we love doing it and we have so many ideas and collaborations that we are looking forward to share with everyone!

Our personal logo

At the end, Francesca was curios to know tree objects which I can’t live without. This was a hard questions, but here we go, again.

First, a book. I think that if you know me, if you had a look at my blog, this answer doesn’t need any explanation. I am carrying a book wherever I go, so I think that this is really my first very important object.

Second, a backpack. I am like Mary Poppins, she always carries a bag with her and I am the same. I can put lots of things inside, especially a camera to take pictures around, when I am waking around the city and during my long travel from one client to the other one.

Third, last but not least, my super comfy jumper!

Doing something I love

As I said at the beginning, I can also tell you my favorite food and place.

Pasta and pizza, obviously, and Tuscany!

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