Breaking down walls- Abbattere i muri

A FREE online course to create a good environment for listening, self-awareness and cooperation through body music, psychology and communication.

Here I am to tell you about this little big news that will happen very soon!

Thanks to Tiziana Pozzo next week I will partecipate, for the first time, to an online course, and it will be totally FREE!

But what are we talking about?

“Breaking down walls” is a free 5-day course starting on the 9th of November developed via email that will help you to learn body music and communication strategies to face tricky moments that can happen in and around the school or before, during and after your group sessions.

As a psychologist, I think that, before even start to talk about some topics, it is very important to understand from a theoretical and practical point of view, what’s behind our behavior and why do we act in some ways instead of comparing ourselves to others.

In this short course you will meet me, Tiziana and Pedro and we will talk about strategies to open communication and resolve possible conflicts that can take place in the educational setting or during groups facilitation. Plus, if you don’t know how to integrate body music and you are curious about it, it will give you the opportunity to understand some of main principles that can help you managing your groups through music and movement.

The course we will be in both ITALIAN and ENGLISH so everyone is welcome!

To subscribe, just choose the language and click here:

We are waiting for you!

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