The brightest star

A cuddle, a caress, a gentle embrace to remind adults and kids of the unbreakable bond we share with those who love us. Now and forever, beyond time, beyond life itself.

With the book “The brightest star” (n.d.r. original title “La mamma stella”) written in both Italian and English, the writers Maria Giuliana Saletta and Elisa Squillace deal with one of the most difficult moment for a child: the mum’s loss.

As children grow and mature into healthy adults, a crucial part of their development is learning how to form intimate relationships.  According to attachment theory, young children need to form a strong attachment to at least one primary caregiver who can provide the unconditional love and support that allows them to form develop necessary relationship skills as they grow older. This caregiver is most typically the mother.

What happens, then, when a child loses his mother?

At the beginning, the child could possibly keep talking about their parent and waiting for his return, even if they know that this is not possible.

As I already explained in an another post, a child can develop emotions since his birth, so, as an adult, they can feel sadness, distress, anger and, last but not least, guilt.

If a child will not receive the right support, it is possible to develop vulnerable to long-term emotional problems due to their failure to resolve their sense of loss. This can include being prone to symptoms of depression, being more anxious, showing more problems in school, and poorer academic performance than non-bereaved children. 

In this book, the mum is always present with their children, like an angel who look after them in every step of their life.

Dealing with a parent’s loss is never an easy moment, but a child need more support even to simple understand what it is the meaning of it.

Thanks also to the illustrations, “The brightest star”, published by Bookabook, is the perfect book to read with the kids and to teach them such a delicate topic.

Are you curios to see how does it end? Grab one copy and let your imagination fly!

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