The Sunnyside Ealing Club is coming!

An afternoon club for children with special needs in the heart of Ealing Brodway.

So here we are, Serena Salamino and I, ready to start this new adventure with of all you.

We are two psychologists with a deep experience in the special needs field with both children and adolescents, suffering from mental health, emotional difficulties and other challenging behaviours. Especially qualified on Autism Spectrum disorder, also with delays in speech, language and communication.

We are both highly trained in ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) and ESDM (Early Start Denver Model) in different settings such as mainstream school, nursery, ABA school and 1:1 home therapy.

The idea behind the project is to give the children the same play opportunities as everybody. An afternoon club can help them to see that we are all good at different things and that we all have weaknesses. They can meet kids with similar interests and maybe make some friends.

Becoming part of a group can help to build their confidence, social skills and generalise what they learn in the everyday life.

When and where

We will start in the middle of October in St Andrews Church Centre , every Friday afternoon in two slots: 4pm to 5:15pm / 5:30pm to 6:45pm. The children will be divided by age and development after an assessment run by us (we will send a short questionnaire to the parents before starting). All the activities will be based on ABA principles and every week there will be a different topic. 

Have a look at our flyer and don’t hesitate to contact us for any information!

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