Our last surprise for Breaking Down Walls

We are almost there!

I just wanted to tell you a bit about the live sessions that Pedro, Tiziana and I have run this week from Instagram and Facebook for Music Tree’s last project for teachers and facilitators: Breaking Down Walls. 

It’s been a very interesting week where we have created a special space for those topics that are not usually explored during body music or music education courses.

As you probably know, the main goal of Breaking Down Walls is to deep into topics like the resolution of conflicts in groups through a multi-modal approach based on psychology, body music and Non-Violent Communication.


At the links below you can watch the live sessions and deep into the topics of our new project:

1. Tiziana – Non-verbal communication and body language

2. Flavia – The conflict in psychology and music education

3. Pedro – Non-Violent Communication and Circle Music

4. Tiziana – Group distribution in the space.

5. Tiziana – A body music activity to foster communication and inclusion

Breaking Down Walls now moves into its next step: a series of fours webinars run by Pedro, Tiziana and I, that will help you to create a good environment for listening, self-awareness and cooperation through body music, psychology and Non-Violent Communication.

We will start on the 12th of December with my webinar and continue with a monthly webinar until the end of February 2021. All the webinars we’ll be recorded and you will find them on Music Tree’s online school on Teachable.

What is the surprise I’m talking about?

Since a lot of the participants of Breaking Down Walls have joined us in the last week, Music Tree has decided to extend the Early Bird Discount for the WEBINARS until the 2nd of December. In this way, you will be able to participate to the 4 webinars for only £92 instead of £132 (you can also participate to a single webinar if you prefer, and still have access to the discount).

Here’s the link: https://musictree.teachable.com/p/breaking-down-walls?preview=logged_out

I hope you will enjoy the videos and the body music activity that you will find there.

Please, let me know if you have any questions or doubts and I hope to see you at the webinars soon!

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