We are almost there!

[Breaking Down Walls]

Less than a week to the starting of our live sessions for Instagram and Facebook. The interest aroused by this course has been really impressive, with people reaching ours from all over the world! So beautiful!

Talking about resolution and conflicts and circle music and body percussion strategies to work with groups is definitely very important, not only for the wellbeing of the participants of our workshops but for us as teachers and facilitators as well.

So, a few more days and we will delve into this even better.

🌿Here is all the info:

• Connect from Facebook group BODY MUSIC FOR CHILDREN or from @musicclasseslondon page on Instagram.

•Mon 23 – Tiziana, with body music strategies

•Tues 24 – Me talking about the conflict in psychology

•Wed 25 – Pedro Consorte circle music and Non-Violent Communication

•Thu 26 and Fri 27 – Tiziana again with more body music activities and ideas

👉Every day at 2.00 pm UK time

You can still subscribe to the FREE online course on the link below 💌


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