A new course about cognitive, motor and emotional children’s development.

I am finally back to this website to tell you a big surprise!

The week has started with MEET THE TEACHERS, the series of interviews that will introduce to you Music Learning Tree‘s wonderful team. And, guess what? I am part of this team!

My part in Music Learning Tree will be an entire course about cognitive, motor and emotional children’s development. The course is designed to support teachers, music teachers and music educators in their work with children (also children with special needs). But it will be very helpful for the parents, too! You can watch my interview here.

It will be a course where I will focus my attention on both typical and atypical kids, I will guide you trough some strategies and I will explain to you how important is to use books inside your sessions.

If you want to subscribe, just click here and if you want to discover the full course, prices and so on, click here.

If you have any doubt after the course, I would be happy to chat with you via email or in the group.

This is the Facebook page where you will find the interviews, just click here!

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